Sunview Solariums screen rooms are an outdoor area that allows you to enjoy your deck or patio without the sense of being enclosed in an indoor space while adding instant value and beauty to your home or cottage. They are engineered to withstand North American weather conditions and keeps your deck area free of leaves and snow for the enjoyment of your spa, barbecue, or seating area.

Adding a screen room is the low cost method of giving a significant boost to the appraisal value of a home and provides the kind of “curb appeal” that regular additions cannot match.

Our Sunview Solariums screen rooms protect you from the wind, sun, rain, snow, and insects. You can relax knowing that you are protected from disease carrying insects or those that cause allergic reactions.

Sunview offers a variety of ordering options, you can contact us and one of our skilled team members will help you design and then build your conservatory. We also have a Build Your Own option for you to simply submit a few measurements and give us an idea of what you’re after.

Saskatoon Screen Rooms

Sunview Solarium Screen Rooms Can Feature 3 Track Window Walls:

  0%, 33%, or 66% ventilation in up or down position.

  Easily removed for cleaning.

  Can be fitted with clear or tinted acrylic.

  Comes with screens.

  Lightweight and easy to use. Instantly let in the fresh air or keep it out!

  Can be fitted onto the side of a conservatory or solarium.

  Perfect for areas affected by hurricanes and high winds because the acrylic panes will not shatter and will not be a safety concern like glass would be.


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