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Solariums Direct, a leading sunroom distributor, is looking for sales agents (as well as installers) in your area. Solariums Direct is proud to supply product from leading companies such as Sunview Solariums, Britannia Conservatories, and Island Pacific Sunrooms. Solariums Direct offers this program to the individual or company that will aggressively pursue the solarium, enclosure, and patio cover market. This can be a full time opportunity or an additional product line for your existing business. Solariums Direct will supply you with the professional tools necessary to be a successful sales agent.

Solariums Direct’s sunrooms, solariums, conservatories, patio covers, and screen rooms are increasingly more popular with homeowners for the following reasons:

 They adding attractive and affordable extra living space.

Enclosures potentially provide a year-round open and relaxing atmosphere.

They a bright space to entertain, dine, or just relax after a hard day.

They can increase a home’s resale value and provide an excellent rate of return on your investment.


Why you should become a Solariums Direct Sales Agent:

Solariums Direct supplies a superior product based on the advanced technology and research we are on top of in the solarium, enclosure, and patio cover industry.

Since our inception, we have constantly advanced our technology and are committed to do so in the future with our product design team.

Our products are easier to install due to fewer components.

We offer standard and custom models that can be built with our expert help.

Options like Skylights and Fantastic Vents are available upon request.

We offer the capability to custom manufacture products, something that our competitors just cannot offer in a timely manner.

Benefits of a becoming a Solariums Direct sales agent:

There are no franchise fees.

You will be self-employed with no limits to your income.

We provide you with a protected residential sales territory and your commercial sales territory is protected.

We provide ongoing sales agent training and you can take advantage of optional installer training at our manufacturing facility.

We have marketing and sales materials available.

You have the advantage of competitive retail price according to your local market.

We provide company support seven days a week.

Dealer Qualification Questionnaire

The entire staff at Solariums Direct and Sunview Solariums is committed to your success in the solarium, enclosure, and patio cover industry. The quality of our products, along with our advanced technology, is what makes Solariums Direct the front-runner in this industry. Our proven sales and installer training support will secure your future in the solarium, enclosure, and patio cover industry. Through the ongoing support, our team will help your sales to grow and prosper more rapidly.

Please take a moment to fill out our Dealer Qualification Questionnaire below. This must be completed and returned to Sunview Solariums to qualify.

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    I have my own existing business and wish to use my existing business location for my Sunview Solariums location.I have my own business, but wish to locate my Sunview Solariums business in a new location.I am not in my own business and wish to open a Sunview Solariums dealership.

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