All of our products are manufactured directly for you, the customer. Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits come with all materials and an instruction booklet describing how to properly assemble your new product. Some kits even come with an installation video.  Our DIY kits are perfect for the home handyman!

1) Contact Us

If you’re interested in a DIY Kit and we will send you the full worksheets you need, just contact us through our online form or call us Toll Free: 1.800.668.2870

2) Measure

Measure following the instructions below that include step by step guidance on obtaining correct and accurate measurements.

3) Send Back the Worksheets

Simply send back the worksheets to Sunview – and we will send you your own custom DIY kit to install your Sunview product.

4) Questions?

Please contact us with any questions or call our toll free number, 1.800.668.2870, and ask one of our friendly staff.

A white curved eave sunroom with furniture and fireplace

Stop Here! 

If you don’t want to assemble and install your Sunview product, then head over to our Build Your Own page instead. All you have to do is provide us with a few simple measurements to start and one of our skilled team members will take your project the rest of the way!


Few things are more important to installation than correct measuring. It is important to spend as much time and as many resources as necessary to obtain measurements accurately and to be able to communicate them to Sunview and to your installers (pictures along with sketches are also highly recommended).

To assist in this, Sunview will have worksheets of typical solariums available for you to mark important dimensions and in which areas to double check are identified.

It is a good idea to use these forms wherever possible to ensure accurate collecting and communicating of these measurements.

Exterior view of a curved eave sunroom with siding to match the house
Well-decorated interior of a white sunroom with clear windows
Interior view of a white sunroom with wood trim and furnishings


The measurements that Sunview requires for most projects are as follows:

  1. Length: The distance from one gable end to the other.
    For projects placed on a pony wall:  we want the distance from plywood (or shiplap sheeting) to plywood.
    For projects without a pony wall: we want the distance from the outside of the 2 × 6 ledge that the solarium mounts onto.
  2. Rafter Projection: The horizontal distance from the ridge connection to the plywood sheeting on the pony wall. This is the horizontal length of the rafters.
  3. Height at Ridge: The distance from the top of the pony wall, or 2 × 6 ledge, to the top of the ridge ledge.
  4. Gable End Projection: The distance from the exterior wall of the house to the sheeting plywood on the front pony wall. This distance must be checked for both gable ends.
  5. Pony Wall Height: The distance from the floor to the top of the pony wall if necessary.
  6. Square of Plan: Check to ensure that the diagonal distance from corner to corner of the pony wall, or 2 × 6 ledge, is equal, plus or minus ¼-inch (6mm).
  7. Ridge: If the solarium ridge is to be connected to the building fascia board, check the size of the fascia and structural soundness.
    Note: Sunview will allow for mounting a 2 × 4 ledge between the solarium frame and the building. This ledge is generally covered in flashing and painted to match; this is done on site and supplied by the installer.
  8. Gable Ends: 2 × 8 framing against the house wall is required to provide a weather-tight seal. This framing is generally covered in flashing and painted to match; this is also done on site and supplied by the installer.
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