The addition of a Sunview Solariums deck or patio cover system allows the use of your outdoor living area when it would normally be too hot or rainy to do so. When it starts to rain there’s no reason to seek shelter,  you can continue your fun and activities outside.

A Sunview patio cover system can be of either straight or curved end design and you may include decorative posts and archways if you wish to create your own unique personal touch. Plus the walls can be enclosed at a later date to either provide a windscreen or to make the area into a three season room.

Leave the plants, furniture and barbecue outdoors right where you use them, there is no longer any need to take them indoors when not in use. This handy extra covered space can be used in a variety of ways.

Sunview offers a variety of ordering options, you can contact us and one of our skilled team members will help you design and build your sunroom or solarium. We also have a Build Your Own option for you to simply submit a few measurements and give us an idea of what you’re after. OR for the home handyman, we have a Do It Yourself kit – you create it, customize it, and install it yourself!

Saskatoon Patio Covers

Maintenance-free components for a lifetime of trouble-free use and enjoyment.

High-grade Aluminum
All structural components are constructed of high-grade aluminum.
Acrylic is clearer than glass (allowing a clear view) and eight to ten times stronger than glass for safety and peace of mind.
Ultraviolet Ray Protection
Blocks out the majority of ultraviolet rays.
Continuous acrylic panels provide no seams in glazing from front to back.
Star Gaze
See-through glazing to let in the sun and stars.
Four Seasons
Engineered to handle snow and wind loads.
Lightweight & Strong
Lightweight and structurally strong.
Unique Designs
Unique designs bring value and beauty to the home.
Maintenance-free construction.
Curved or Straight
Curved or straight ends available.

Sunview’s selection of residential and commercial patio covers:


   The Sunview Solariums patio cover is framed with aluminum rafters engineered to withstand snow and wind loads in most North American locations.

   The rafters come in bake-painted chocolate or white. This means there is no painting or maintenance required by the owner.

   The roof of the patio cover is seamless acrylic—no joints to leak or dirt to collect.

   The fastening system is invisible. There are no ugly continuous screws showing on the outside to distract from the beauty of the cover.


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