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It is always tremendously gratifying to hear positive feedback from our clients. We would like to share with you some of the testimonial letters we have received from a few of our satisfied customers.

To whom it may concern,

Janice Cherpeski has explained the Solariums Direct product and the results were outstanding.

Her crew is everything she stated they would be. They word was precise and very neat. We would recommend her for any job you have in mind.

Freddie and Jean
Billings, MT

Dear Sir:

Please accept our thanks and appreciation for coming to our rescue by installing the solarium which Sun Tech Custom Enclosures failed to deliver.

The solarium itself looks great, the quality appears excellent and I am sure that we will enjoy using it for years to come.

I must mention too, that dealing with your Victoria Office in coordinating the installation of the unit was most satisfying. Both Frank Skillings and Wendy Kenny, were pleasant, professional, understanding and addressed our concerns in a very positive way.

The construction of the solarium by Doug Rosten and his assistant Wes Ridge was completed without a hitch. Doug certainly displayed knowledge, experience, precision and thoroughness throughout the installation. It was a pleasure to see all the glass fitted into place without requiring even one adjustment.

You have a great team and I felt you would appreciate getting some feedback.

Should you wish to use our name in the future, as a reference regarding the solarium, we will gladly recommend your company and the product without any hesitation.

Yours truly,
Joe and Catherine Chilibeck

Dear Owner and Executive Management,

In my search to help the Duran family located in Prunedale, California secure the best Company, offering the finest in Solarium structure, materials, and workmanship, I selected Solariums Direct.

After interviewing and getting proposals from other companies, I decided on Richard Cox, your Manufacturers Agent and owner of RBCO Enterprises, Watsonville, California which had made a very clear demonstration of materials, structure and promise of top workmanship.

I am happy to report that Richard Cox, his crew, as well as Solarium Direct fulfilled all that had been presented and promised.

It is wonderful to find companies and staff that still deliver what was proposed. The Duran family could not be happier.

As the scout for such an important investment, I am greatly relieved and thankful to see the fine quality of material used and the precise, high quality of workmanship done by Kendall and Yanita.

In behalf of the Duran family, we thank you all—well done!

Respectfully yours,
Ron Menetrey

Hi Grant!

This is the day I have been waiting for: My solarium is finished and I can sit in it. Just in time to enjoy cool fall days and turn them into a prolonged summer.

My friends and neighbors did a good job putting it up for me. It helped to have the blueprints and the video. They worked hard in all their off hours, which is not easy with shift work that does not always jive. But now it is done, only a few interior touches are left. That will be mostly my contribution.

To sit in the solarium and see your flowers with the bees in the garden, watch the birds and squirrels dash about, without having to fight black flies and mosquitoes, is worth all the expense and inconveniences of building this retreat. You are not cut off from nature like sitting in the living room.

The solarium is on the south side of the house; the warmth it creates from the sun is permeated through the whole house if I keep the patio door open. On a very cool, but sunny day, I measured a difference of 20°C. Of course you can regulate that by opening the windows. Already I enjoyed my new solarium a lot, even my dog sneaks out into it, although I told him, this is not his dog house!

After a rain it looks like I have an automatic window-washer—all the leaves and bird droppings washed away overnight. It has a lot of static electricity, but a feather or pure wool duster does a great job.

We wish you all the best for future business adventures and hope your customers will all be happy.

Yours truly,
Gerhilde Repnigg

Reference for Solariums Direct
Rod Miles and Jeff and Allen Shepherd

I am very happy with the screen porch I purchased from Rod Miles of Solariums Direct who had a booth at the Walla Walla Fair Grounds over Labor Day weekend 2006.

It is constructed of a fine, light-weight material that fits into my patio space quite nicely.

Rod knows his product. I told him what I had in mind. He came to our home and helped me think through how it would fit into my décor.

Jeff and Allen Shepherd are excellent craftsmen who pride themselves on doing A+ work. They are knowledgeable and careful about details, which I appreciate.

I do not hesitate recommending all three of these gentlemen and the product.

Bob Frye

To Whom It May Concern,

My sister and I purchased a patio cover from Solariums Direct in October 2006. Due to scheduling difficulties, it was not installed until February 2007. However, we would like you to know how very pleased we are with the completed project and the contractors who installed it. Jeff Shepherd and his son Al worked diligently for four days to complete our patio cover in a timely manner. They are efficient, reliable, and easy to work with. When we wanted to change the location of two of the poles, they were willing to listen to our needs and make the necessary changes.

The patio cover is more than what we had hoped for. The light gray solarium allows plenty of light into our patio and house. It has also protected the windows and doors of our home from the wind and weather. It has "finished" the back of our home beautifully. We look forward to many years of enjoying this addition to our home.

We would definitely recommend Solariums Direct and these contractors to those who are seeking a great addition to their home.

Beth Ingstad
Rhoda Ingstad

To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I purchased a solarium from Rod Miles at Solariums Direct at the Home Show in 2006 for our hotel, the Howard Johnson Inn North, in Spokane, WA. Because we were in the process of purchasing the hotel, we were unable to have the construction begin until 2007.

We are pleased to recommend Rod Miles and Solariums Direct for the product and the service we received during the time before and after the solarium was installed. The completion is delayed on our part, but the installation has fallen well within the time frame we expected. Rod Miles obtained bids for the construction as well as the atrium itself and kept the price as promised in spite of the delay on our part.

The finished result exceeds our expectations. The persons doing the construction, Jeff Shepherd and Jared Hecker, have been meticulous in their work. They even polished both inside and outside window panes before putting the two panes together.

Sandra Walker, Owner
Howard Johnson Inn North

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